sunny & 75 degrees: entry #1

im having difficulty knowing how to begin.
i must admit i am in love with
chuck lorre's vanity cards.
and im not even intimidated to have a similar style.

im not a formal writer (though ive secretly wanted to be one...
my stage fright even dates to when i opened my twitter
june 2007 & still 0 tweets... maybe thats good? who knows)
i want to write balancing the importance of this medium
to promote happi sac as well as h&g
but i also feel not many people are going to be loitering in here
so i can be selfish and write a little more journal-esque.

i do have a few topics i want to explore...

  • things i like to read
  • a list of what i want to do that i have not yet
  • marketing swag & stuff
  • what im inspired by
  • what irks me (ooh, i like the word irk)
  • blah blah blah

and so since im distracted, im going to stop for now.
hello... im carin. thanks for reading.

(and oh, not proofed)