sunday evening: entry #2


this is going to be difficult.

while i am still figuring out what the tone of this blog, this business, this next chapter will be... im going to share bits of this and that. 

the last post had a photo summing up a characteristic i have. 

here, im sharing something i learned from my very first yoga teacher (just a body in class... trying to blend as i learned). first, i was a regular in a pilates class taught by martha mason; a woman with a magnificent blend of grace & discipline. from there (central square, cambridge massachusetts) i ventured to porter square a few miles away into my first yoga class. baptiste power yoga (what it was called at the time) and i read this in a book he wrote.

i typed it up, cut it out, and have been carrying it with me for quite some time. i referenced it today. and so this is what im sharing.