what’s up with the i?

In 1994, I worked with a woman with the same first name.

One morning, after a few months working together, Karen announcement walking into the studio, "from now on, we are calling you HAPPI. H-A-P-P-I, not Y. The animated Carin, not the animated character".

I was born into a family of creative entrepreneurs; pogo sticks, childrenswear, a borscht-belt hotel, even a Dairy Queen are part of my DNA. I am left & right brained, a little country, a little rock & roll. Artist, entrepreneur, dreamer... mostly I feel awkward writing about myself.

In 1997, I co-founded a digital agency in Boston; in 2015, I moved to NY & a year later I started Happi Place Productions.

Along the way, I’ve slipped on countless banana peels. I believe to serve my audience will grow my business. I do my best to navigate each day with the reminder to stop, breathe, begin again.

I am a daughter, a mom, an ex-wife. A sister, a girlfriend, a goofball. I am Happi.

. . .